The unique qualities of our water come from 25 years of slow-leaching toxins at the site of the world’s largest industrial accident.

To this day, Dow Chemical — who bought Union Carbide — has refused to clean up and whole new generations are being poisoned.

brilliant campaign by The Yes Men, designed by Kennedy + Monk Design.




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At an age when most graffiti writers are either retired from vandalism or dead from huffing fumes, Dr. Kenneth C. Hopper is just hitting his stride. The 70-year-old opthalmologist was arrested in Warren County, about 60 miles north of Albany, for spraypainting “ROWLOW” on an overpass. Hopper claims he simply finds the word “intriguing,” but another doctor, Frank Rollo, believes Hopper has been targeting him with the graffiti for 15 years, following a longstanding personal dispute.


1. everyone is a resource, steal knowledge whenever possible.
2. manipulation is not only an art form but an essential and invaluable life skill. practice helps you understand the human perspective.
3. experience as much as possible. you never know if you’ll like a finger in your ass until you try.
4. never finish your food. cleaning your plate is how your parents programmed you into over-eating, you tubby bastards.
5. question everything. never stop asking why. always question motives, cause we all have em.
6. let your guard down when you say ‘i love you’, its only fair.
7. pay attention. easy concept but then why do you get taken advantage of all the goddamn time? cause you werent paying attention.
8. hang out with people who you feel are morally superior than you. the better the people you hang with, the better you’ll become.
9. trust your friends opinions, collectively they know you better than you know yourself.
10. its not a matter or perspective: the glass IS half empty, but live like its half full.