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this is a documentary created by diego grass puga from 0300TV, examining issues named by five leadingĀ  chinese architects in the rapid urbanization of contemporary china: “opening up” to foreign investments, developers and affluence. what are the implications this has on domestic architects and chinese citizens? can an outsider truly design something for a place […]

from Gothamist: L.I. Wal-Mart Employee Killed in Black Friday Stampede This morning, shoppers apparently broke down the doors of a Valley Stream Wal-Mart, and, in the process, trampled a Wal-Mart greeter to death around 5 a.m. The Nassau County police tell Newsday the store was a “mob scene” and that the worker was a temporary, […]

feeling rough


things are not so hot with me right now. i am having a really hard time concentrating and also focusing my eyes which is making me feel very unmotivated and making my body feel weird and not at ease. i need to do some bloodwork and see my endocrinologist but i really don’t have a […]

you know what would be nice? if after a long day toiling at school and work under the stress of exams and papers, my cat would just sit in my fucking lap and cuddle me! but no, she prefers to be anti-social (like always) and sit on inanimate objects like my knapsack. just half a […]

Call for Submissions for AQSA Zine Issue #1 This Issue’s Theme: Resistance and Self-Defense Because you spend your life fighting back with a smile or fist Deadline: December 1, 2008 About Us: AQSA Zine is a grassroots print zine, as well as an on-line community ( that is open to all women and trans people […]