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december 6th


today is the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women.  19 years ago marc lepine went into ecole polytechnique in montreal and massacred 14 women, leaving a note justifying his misogynistic actions by listing reasons why feminists were man hating opportunists and also the names of more women he would also like […]

we have to remember those so many forget, who have been murdered due to cisgenderism, and anti-trans prejudice and ignorance. Trans Day of Remembrance @ the 519 Friday, November 28th 7:00pm to 9:00pm Buddies in Bad Times Theatre 12 Alexander Street. We take this opportunity to join together as trans people and allies to celebrate […]

call for art


Calling all brown, black, mixed race, yellow, red, desi, African, Indigenous, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Caribbean, Latin American, Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Aboriginal, non-white, non-European, (e)raced, (in)visible minority. The Ste Emilie Skillshare is launching a postcard campaign to reclaim our colonized histories. Share your favorite q/tpoc heroes and we’ll print them on […]