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i’ve been in beijing for 12 hours. how much has changed since 2006? A LOT. new airports, new highways, new buildings, cleaner skies. this is rejuvenation. although i never really feel “at home” here, i never really feel “at home” in canada either. negotiating my identity in both countries is a mixed bag but damn […]

from ananova: A Chinese city has created a pedestrian crossing with a romantic theme to help put couples in the mood for love. Traffic officials in Chengdu came up with the idea for the crossing which features two hearts and the message in English: “I love you”, reports the Tianfu Morning Post. A spokesman said […]

i’ve been following this for a few weeks now. the back story is, in 2006, yang jia got beaten by police for cutting in line at a train station in shanxi province. he sustained a concussion and lost three teeth. a year later he was arrested in shanghai and accused of stealing a bicycle which […]

from chinaSMACK: Graduates from universities outside of the province converge on Shenzhen, 150,000 people compete for 20,000 employment positions. Parked buses fill up a road near the Shenzhen Convention Center. Among them are many buses from other provinces [of China]. According to statistics, of the 150,000 graduates this time, over 70% are from universities outside […]

this is a documentary created by diego grass puga from 0300TV, examining issues named by five leading  chinese architects in the rapid urbanization of contemporary china: “opening up” to foreign investments, developers and affluence. what are the implications this has on domestic architects and chinese citizens? can an outsider truly design something for a place […]