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the 15th anniversary of kurt cobain’s death was last week, so in honour of that, here’s 11 year old Sungha Jung. Advertisements



10 year old graffiti artist flickr: supersolveig



had to write about two very talented artists from são paulo who collectively make up 6emeia. by painting storm drains, fire hydrants, and manhole covers, they modify the way art and community interact and create new interpretations of the mundane. and goddamn they do it up real cute. there are more photos here.

i had a great weekend because one of my best friends, helen, came to visit me in toronto. it’s been four years since we’ve seen each other and the thing i appreciate most about our relationship is that we can always pick up where we left off and shit is just cool. i was especially […]



okay, i have totally talked a lot of shit about the guitar hero/rockband hype, a la “why don’t you just learn how to play the guitar for real?!!” BUT. i went to nyc this weekend and j had recently got rockband. i played. and i became completely obsessed. even though i failed out at drums, […]