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last week me and rach spent part of the sunny afternoon at trinity bellwoods park, chillin and watching the dogs play. it was nice, but one of the best parts about that afternoon was going to white squirrel coffee shop across the street on queen west. crappy photo, but it was such a beautiful, understated […]



this photo of mine got linked on blogTO‘s friday flickr favourites so i thought i’d post it. found it in the alley below bathurst between brunswick and borden.



saw this on the 510 the other day. i know a few people who have benefitted greatly from the services that camh provides. but i also know a few people who have simply been overprescribed. and it makes me sad. yeah, it’s scrawled over a bestoe tag, but i kinda like the way it looks […]

i’ve been following this for a few weeks now. the back story is, in 2006, yang jia got beaten by police for cutting in line at a train station in shanxi province. he sustained a concussion and lost three teeth. a year later he was arrested in shanghai and accused of stealing a bicycle which […]

so close….


i’ve really been slacking off lately, not good. i’m done all my finals but i have two very lengthy papers that are past due. the worst part is, i’m completely uninterested in them so it will be twice as hard to finish. been having some good days lately thought which is nice, seeing friends and […]