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vigneshram: 1. everyone is a resource, steal knowledge whenever possible. 2. manipulation is not only an art form but an essential and invaluable life skill. practice helps you understand the human perspective. 3. experience as much as possible. you never know if you’ll like a finger in your ass until you try. 4. never finish […]

finding love


sitting in the concrete peacock in a shitty study carrel trying to write a paper. written on the inside: – “i want to fall in love … as long as it is returned” — “do you mean hot filthy sweaty love? or mooshy ‘notebook’ love? – “both!” – (aside) “try eharmony. they have great commercials” […]

from ananova: A Chinese city has created a pedestrian crossing with a romantic theme to help put couples in the mood for love. Traffic officials in Chengdu came up with the idea for the crossing which features two hearts and the message in English: “I love you”, reports the Tianfu Morning Post. A spokesman said […]