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finding love


sitting in the concrete peacock in a shitty study carrel trying to write a paper. written on the inside: – “i want to fall in love … as long as it is returned” — “do you mean hot filthy sweaty love? or mooshy ‘notebook’ love? – “both!” – (aside) “try eharmony. they have great commercials” […]

rye rye


can’t get enough. love a great young woman of colour mc.

from:  insidebayarea Former Black Panther leaves legacy of activism and Third World solidarity BERKELEY — Richard Masato Aoki, a former member of the Black Panther Party, died Sunday morning at his home in Berkeley from complications from dialysis. He was 70. Aoki is a legend in activist circles because of his role in the Black […]

super chameleon


this video is kinda mindblowing. not so much the chameleon (admittedly awesome, nature is bomb), but the fact that some hipster feels the need to have wayfarers in a billion different shades? insane.



10 year old graffiti artist flickr: supersolveig