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animalnewyork: At an age when most graffiti writers are either retired from vandalism or dead from huffing fumes, Dr. Kenneth C. Hopper is just hitting his stride. The 70-year-old opthalmologist was arrested in Warren County, about 60 miles north of Albany, for spraypainting “ROWLOW” on an overpass. Hopper claims he simply finds the word “intriguing,” […]

yes yes ya’ll, it’s the 25th anniversary of the iconic and massively influential book, subway art, by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, documenting the then burgeoning graffiti scene in new york city. subway art is being re-released in large format with additional images. can’t wait to get my hands on this. paint streets!



10 year old graffiti artist flickr: supersolveig



this photo of mine got linked on blogTO‘s friday flickr favourites so i thought i’d post it. found it in the alley below bathurst between brunswick and borden.

from ananova: A Chinese city has created a pedestrian crossing with a romantic theme to help put couples in the mood for love. Traffic officials in Chengdu came up with the idea for the crossing which features two hearts and the message in English: “I love you”, reports the Tianfu Morning Post. A spokesman said […]