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this is so fucking angering. from the new york times: Federal immigration officials investigating the death of a New York computer engineer from China who died in their custody last summer said Thursday that supervisors at a Rhode Island detention center had denied the ailing man appropriate medical treatment on multiple occasions and that employees […]

check this npr story on malcolm gladwell’s new book outliers: Can Culture Determine Success? “One of the puzzles that educators have thought about for years is why is it that kids from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong [and] China vastly outperform their American or Western counterparts in math,” Gladwell says. “They score way, way, better […]

today in my womens studies tutorial we were discussing this week’s readings about aboriginal self government, and the colonization of aboriginals at the hands of the canadian state. here were some comments: on reserves: “… since indians aren’t part of normal society…..” – my mind = blown. on tax exemption & privilege: “i know a […]

in my medical anthropology & social justice tutorial we were discussing how racialized communities have weakened access to healthcare resources in canada. then some white girl says, “people living in ethnic enclaves have been so segregated that they cannot participate in canadian society.” people of colour ≠ canadian society white people = canadian society see […]