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can’t get enough. love a great young woman of colour mc. Advertisements

from:  insidebayarea Former Black Panther leaves legacy of activism and Third World solidarity BERKELEY — Richard Masato Aoki, a former member of the Black Panther Party, died Sunday morning at his home in Berkeley from complications from dialysis. He was 70. Aoki is a legend in activist circles because of his role in the Black […]

this looks amazing. reposted from angryasianman: f you’re in New York, and want to support some really cool activist art, you might want to check out the Asian Women Giving Circle‘s Celebration of Arts and Activism. This Wednesday, March 11, 6:00-8:00pm at the Gana Art Gallery. Check out hand-drawn comic books by Asian American teenage […]



the shit i say the shit i do is really fucking problematic sometimes. makes me cringe. continuously learning……

i don’t love the onion, but sometimes i love the onion. from the onion: AOMORI, JAPAN—At first glance, 17-year-old Misaki Nakajima seems like any other shy and submissive Japanese schoolgirl. She loves shopping, text messaging, and the color pink. But beneath her wholesome exterior lies a wicked secret: Misaki Nakajima is consumed by sexual fantasies […]