a pleasant morning, indeed


today in my womens studies tutorial we were discussing this week’s readings about aboriginal self government, and the colonization of aboriginals at the hands of the canadian state. here were some comments:

on reserves:

“… since indians aren’t part of normal society…..” – my mind = blown.

on tax exemption & privilege:

“i know a guy who is half native american and his parents are really rich, but he still goes on reserves to get cheap gas and got free tuition, i don’t really see him suffering.” – well i believe we live in canada (though i guess she could have been referring to an american friend of hers, or i guess the continent of north america – fine), his tuition isn’t “free”, it’s a fucking treaty right. and who’s to say he isn’t suffering? economic privilege erases centuries of genocide?

“well i have to remember that my ancestors were irish and we suffered discrimination too” – yes let me introduce you to this novel concept called white skin privilege…..

on the “sixties scoop” & adoption of native children by middle-class white families:

“well the reading made it seem like the social workers were doing a bad thing by taking native children out of their homes. but they didn’t have proper access to healthcare services and no running water… so i think every child in canada deserves better. i think the social workers did a good thing.” – love the well-meaning white liberal hippy dippy shit you’re trying to sell but how about questioning WHY conditions on reserves are subhuman? couldn’t they have fixed that before they destroyed families? oh right, because they did.not.care.

on trans-national/trans-racial adoption:

“well i went to africa and volunteered in an orphanage and if those kids didn’t get adopted by the age of 7 they were just sent out on the streets, if white people can adopt them, they should!” – guess what? africa is a CONTINENT. therefore the rest of your argument is invalid because you are obviously talking outta your ass.

thank you, white women, for totally harshing my morning espresso buzz. i went to the green beanery too. that’s like some special occasion shit!


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