china according to china


this is a documentary created by diego grass puga from 0300TV, examining issues named by five leading  chinese architects in the rapid urbanization of contemporary china:

  • “opening up” to foreign investments, developers and affluence. what are the implications this has on domestic architects and chinese citizens? can an outsider truly design something for a place and culture they do not intimately know?
  • rapid speed modernization in order to seize economic opportunities, but at what cost and who holds the power and control?
  • how does 30 years of urbanization and “development” confront 9000 years of agriculture? how is agriculture changing and how is urbanization sustainable?
  • education of chinese architects is changing in order to produce more local talent and create a more flourishing architectural culture.

the documentary does a great job at naming and addressing the issues but it would be really interesting to see how these negotiations are taking place. hope there is an update in a few years or so. what is most amazing is seeing breathtaking shots of chinese architecture and landscapes…. the rice paddies in shenyang university? brilliant.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five.

links to featured architects:


One Response to “china according to china”

  1. you have such good taste!
    i’m using the same style theme for my blog!
    can’t wait to see yr pics!
    all the best to you
    cape town

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