so close….


i’ve really been slacking off lately, not good. i’m done all my finals but i have two very lengthy papers that are past due. the worst part is, i’m completely uninterested in them so it will be twice as hard to finish. been having some good days lately thought which is nice, seeing friends and hanging out. (but then i end up feeling completely guilty for having a good time…. school is a killjoy.) today i had a very decadent brunch at the king edward hotel, then went to the one of a kind show. i always end up spending my money at the same booths at all the clothing/trade shows i go to. always missy industry, and rachel f. seriously, both from montreal, which means i need to go back there for some good shopping. i always blow a nice chunk of change at their booths, each year they get more and more expensive as they become more popular. i ran into krissy/ratgirl there, which was very cool because i haven’t seen her in a couple years, back when she had a small table in the “rising stars” section of the show. it’s good to see people moving up and making scrillz doing something they love so much! i also got a pendant from victor lee,  a very cool toronto based artist who makes some adorable cat art.

anyway, it has finally snowed in toronto. it isn’t the season’s first snow, but it’s the first snow that has stuck around for more than 24 hours. i totally got battered by some heavy winds today and just chilllled me to the bone. gonna have to break out the winter boots. not happy.

this picture to the right shows one of the few things in enjoy about toronto winters. lost gloves. it sucks to lose gloves but i love when people find lost gloves and prop them up on fence posts or bike lollipops so they wave at you while you’re walking down the street.

this picture was taken on major street, last week, no snow. i’m going to miss seeing green. i’d love to own a house on this street but i doubt i’ll ever be employed in a position that would allow me such extravagance. would be nice though.


One Response to “so close….”

  1. For Spring Break go anywhere warm! After yesterday’s cold I’d really appreciate some warmth! Umpteen more months to go!

    Good luck!

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