150,000 Recent Graduates At Shenzhen Job Fair


from chinaSMACK:

Graduates from universities outside of the province converge on Shenzhen, 150,000 people compete for 20,000 employment positions.

Parked buses fill up a road near the Shenzhen Convention Center. Among them are many buses from other provinces [of China]. According to statistics, of the 150,000 graduates this time, over 70% are from universities outside of Guangdong province. Compared with last year’s job fair, this year’s attendance has reached new heights, but the number of employment positions available is still 20,000. Considering that many enterises are unable to recruit all the recent graduates they originally planned to, there are in reality less than 20,000 employment positions, causing the competition amongst graduate job-seekers to be even more intense.

Neoliberalism has pretty much killed China’s agricultural sector. That along with a steep urban/rural divide and a massive population has created a nationwide labour surplus which is effective in keeping costs and wages low as people scramble for employment in industrialized cities.  How is China going to cope especially with the global recession?


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