beautiful colour in holland


tis is not the season for colourful flowers and vibrant landscapes, at least not in the great white north. today was a very typical dreary, cold, and grey winter fall day. wet snow changing to rain which is sure to freeze tonight leaving a sheet of ice for me to negotiate on my walk to the bus stop tomorrow morning.

no, i am not a fan of winter. it makes me feel gloomy all the time, i can’t stand the weather, and in toronto, it lasts far too long. it always makes me feel like 8pm is “late”, i always lose a mitten, and by january i have a huge knot in my shoulders from tensing up as i walk along slippery unplowed sidewalks. it takes forever to get anywhere by transit and the heat on the bus and train are always on so high that everyone is sweaty from being layered in fleece and knits. i guess one think i like about winter is complaining about it.

so today is the day i look at pictures of flowers and green, colours of life and a world that is vibrant and blooming. i will do this on a weekly basis until my concrete jungle thaws in the spring. i’m not a fan of the cut flower industry, millions of hectares of arable land in countries like China, Columbia, Ethiopia, Kenya and many many more are being used to grow flowers for export to countries like the USA and Canada. the economies of many countries are booming because of this export crop but consequently, there is less and less arable land for non-export agriculture, food to feed the people of their nations. us westerners are vaguely aware of the global food shortage but until it affects us, we just continue to take for granted that we can stop at a corner shop at any time of year and have fresh cut flowers AND produce.

nevertheless, these pictures are really making me happy inside today. they combine my love of colour and my love of aerial landscape photography!

link: Dutch Farmers tip-toe through the tulips as landscape is transformed into a spectacular display of colour.


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