oh, thirty-eight


i had a great weekend because one of my best friends, helen, came to visit me in toronto. it’s been four years since we’ve seen each other and the thing i appreciate most about our relationship is that we can always pick up where we left off and shit is just cool. i was especially excited for her to meet bamboo, since helen is basically the only “cat friend” i have, and she’s more of a “cat fiend” than anything… but bamboo was scared of her and ended up hiding in the basement most of the weekend. however, helen brought over some great toys that bamboo now loves!

coincidentally, the last time she came was around the same time in the year. we went to the royal, visited the animal shelter, ate snacks and watched trashy television (4 years ago: montel, this year: jon & kate + 8). good times were had, and plenty of jokes, as usual. we went to niagara falls, fought old chinese ladies to get seats on a half empty bus, watched the wire while crocheting and knitting, and did our respective geriatric puzzle books.

four years ago:

me and helen 2008
helen and i 2004

last weekend:

helen and i 2008
helen and i 2008

same airport, and i’m wearing the same hoodie (for the occasion of course), but a lot less metal in our faces, and we both enjoy being in bed before midnight. can’t wait to go visit helen and craig in england…. someday.

see more pictures on my flickr page!


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